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Sure New Jersey is the butt of a lot of jokes, but it’s also one of the coolest places in the whole world. By cool I don’t mean temperature cool, but it can be that too. By cool I mean hip, awesome, with some of the most interesting unique people and cultures of anywhere in the world. Being a well-trained HVAC tech in the state of New Jersey gives you plenty of opportunity on things to work on. New Jersey has some of the most expensive residential homes in the whole world. New Jersey also has modern skyscrapers being put in, and New Jersey also has buildings that are hundreds of years old that are needing constant attention or very delicate hand how they’re set up for an HVAC system to work properly.

New Jersey has vast extremes in temperatures. The summers can get downright hot, and the summers can get downright humid. On the other hand, the winters can be biting cold with some of the coldest winters you’ll receive anywhere in the country. As a result of this, there’s no slow season for HVAC techs in New Jersey. If you’ve got a job and the company is marketing properly, there should be a steady flow of new customers coming in to keep that company busy, but obviously there are no guarantees. That’s just my opinion.

New Jersey has a tremendous diversity of cultures living in it, and it has a tremendous diversity of buildings in it. The future of being an HVAC tech in New Jersey, once you’ve gone to a good HVAC school, could lead you toward working on residences on a daily basis, or it could end up leading you in a direction of working primarily on commercial and some other more specific industrial applications.

There are multiple schools to go to study HVAC in New Jersey. If you click around on the different pages that are linked to from this page, you’ll find a lot of different opportunities. If I were living in New Jersey and I got a good training there, I myself would probably start up my own business. The New Jersey culture is the type of culture that rewards strong independent thinkers, it’s not a state where people tend to be namby pamby and mess around, it’s a state where people get down to business and work hard and achieve the objectives they’re shooting for.

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